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Communication innovations continue to make the world smaller

The old "American Dream" rewarded mediocrity.

A "risk averse population" left big business and big money to the rich and adventurous.

The new dream is the Global Dream and rewards hard work and innovation on a global scale by anyone, anywhere.

The new GLOBAL dream is a version of the entrepreneurial journey unlike anything that has ever existed before.

Some of the opportunities listed will contain videos.

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CATEGORY: Health & Wellness (Frequency-based Wellness)

INCOME: From Product Sale

BONUS': From Downline Sponsorships

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CATEGORY: Legal Assistance Packages (Family & Business)

INCOME: From Membership Plans

BONUS': From Downline Sponsorships

CATEGORY: Business (Commission Based)

INCOME: From New Client Business (Web Sites, Rewards Programs)

BONUS': Based on Monthly Volume

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